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Don’t be a victim of crime – look after your vehicle

There are people who just want to admire your car as they pass by, they may even glance inside for a look at the dash, but unfortunately vehicle theft and crime is still a major issue in the UK and not all admirers are genuine. 

Thieves are opportunists, they look for vehicles that  provide easy pickings, so all drivers must take precautions to make sure their vehicle is not targeted in this way.

It may sound obvious to say, but make sure you lock your car. At some point most drivers will have left their car unlocked. Maybe on their drive overnight or just by walking away to go shopping and forgetting to click the remote. 

In some cases drivers will have also left the keys inside the car. This may sound ridiculous, but with keyless start/stop standard on a lot of new cars, it is very easy to do indeed. All the thief has to do is step in and drive away. The speed at which you could lose a car under those circumstances is measured in seconds.

If you leave a bag on the seat, even if there is nothing of value in it, a thief will take the chance that there is. At the very least you will have a broken window to pay for, not to mention the inconvenience of having to get it repaired. So leave nothing on display at all.  This also goes for small change.

Thieves also like quiet areas that are unlit, so try to leave your car where there’s a lot of pedestrian traffic. Avoid the higher floors in multi- storey car parks if you can; they’re usually much quieter than the lower ones. And at night, if your car is left on the road, make sure you park under a street light.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t add extra layers of security to your drive. For example you may wish to installing parking posts that prevent the car from being driven away – they can act as a huge deterrent to any would-be thieves. 

Installing CCTV that covers your driveway is always as option, but you must ensure that you are not invading a neighbours privacy by pointing it directly at their property.

If you are going on holiday and want to use airport parking, always remember the price maybe cheap for a reason, for example there is no patrol or cctv in place. Your car could be also driven to a field which is unprotected. Always park in an allocated space and avoid a valet parking service. That way you will know, where your car will be stored.

Car crime is one thing but minor bumps and scrapes can also be easily avoided. It would be considered criminal damage if someone was to scratch your car on purpose,  but sometimes drivers give people the opportunity to do this by accident by parking too close to other vehicles. Just because you have fitted your car into a tight space, don’t walk away and congratulate yourself for your driving skills, as you may come back to find a large scratch or dint where the other driver has hit your door trying to get into theirs.  

Try not to be lazy, park away from the main traffic areas in carparks and always leave sufficient space between your vehicle and the next. Its better to be safe than sorry.




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