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Fleet Source goes live with interactive TV studio-based training to meet online Driver CPC demand

As fleet operators welcome the DVSA’s decision to suspend classroom courses and embrace distance learning – Fleet Source, the UK’s largest independent Driver CPC training provider has gone live with a TV-based training solution across its Driver CPC classroom course offering.

Now fully approved by DVSA, the Fleet Source Live training is ‘Livecast’ to delegates and includes dynamic, interactive content, designed to ensure delegates’ experience, engagement and learning retention is much better than that provided by traditional webinar solutions.

Fleet Source CEO, Nick Caesari, said: “These are unprecedented times for the transport industry, with the challenge of meeting increased demand for delivery of vital foods, medicines and hygiene products, whilst adhering to Government restrictions on social distancing, as well as minimising the risk of incidents whilst making deliveries.

“Our customers have been asking me how they would be able to meet these demands whilst ensuring that the growing backlog of CPC training does not impact their business post the crisis and during vital business recovery periods. They also worry that webinar-based solutions that are currently being offered, do not provide the quality of training and vital engagement of traditional classroom training.

“Anyone who has taken part in traditional webinar-based learning knows that it can be a painful experience, with your attention span challenged and your learning retention somewhat limited even for short courses. Imagine what it would be like for drivers undertaking a traditional webinar for 7 hours in a single day!

“Even if you split that into two 3.5-hour sessions over 24 hours, it will still be difficult for drivers. You must bring that learning to life. Through our Livecast experience using a TV studio, delegates can interact with the trainer, as well as each other from their home, replicating the classroom experience whilst staying safe.”

Fleet Source has created a dedicated TV studio at its Letchworth headquarters, with a large majority of its previously classroom-based courses being delivered and managed live by qualified DCPC training professionals, teaching up to 24 delegates each session.

Course registration and identity checks are undertaken digitally before every course and each delegate is monitored and assessed throughout the course to verify full course attendance and to ensure learning outcomes are achieved.

“Fleet professionals are contacting us for support to cover immediate demand, but also to use available time to ensure catch-up in mandatory training provision to cover lower volume sectors,” said Nick Caesari.

“Ours is a dynamic industry working very hard to meet current challenges and prepare for the future beyond this current crisis. We’ll do everything we can to work with them to deliver the right solutions to meet their needs.”


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