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Morrison Utility Service joins forces with TfL to host constructors cycle conference

Morrison Utility Services (MUS), the UK’s largest dedicated utility service provider and part of M Group Services, recently joined forces with Transport for London (TfL) to demonstrate how collaboration, good design and planning can minimise the impact of utility infrastructure works for cyclists and pedestrians.

The ‘Constructors Cycling Experience’ was developed by TfL’s Network Management team and TfL Development Impact Manager Michael Barratt, MBE, to enable those who carry out roadworks to better understand the challenges faced by cyclists and pedestrians in the capital. The event is designed to highlight the benefits of protected cycling with a focus on methods that can assist contractors to apply all-inclusive measures during works.

MUS Project Manager Wernich Wolsink commented: “It was good to get out and experience the streets of London from a cyclist’s viewpoint and in particular to see what impact construction has on streetworks. It was also very reassuring to hear that TfL has someone like Michael trying to address the concerns that many cyclists have about cycling in a big city, and that they are advocating a culture of working together with our sector to develop solutions that minimise the impact.”

MUS Contract Director Dave Tann added: “With the ever increasing number of Londoners choosing to walk and cycle to work, it’s essential that we ensure that people are safe when passing our works. The capital’s growing population requires the construction of more development to cope with demand, resulting in more streetworks and safety concerns for the public, particularly those who walk and/or cycle. It’s therefore paramount that we do all we can to ensure the working methods we implement do not deter people from using such sustainable modes of transport.”

The event was attended by senior health & safety and operations personnel from MUS, client Thames Water and members of the MUS/Thames Water Agility Alliance. All participants were given an initial safety briefing and stops were arranged along the route for questions. The ride was followed by a briefing and Q&A session at TfL’s offices. 




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