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Auto Marine Cables was established in 1964 and we are now positioned as the UK’s primary manufacturer of copper cable, servicing the automotive and marine markets, which enables us to work closely with our customers on bespoke and specialist requirements.

Over the years we have developed the business to offer not only automotive cable, but an increased range of automotive accessory components. This range now includes everything from fuses, fuse holders, and modular fuse/relay boxes, to a wide selection of conduit, battery components, and towing accessories, as well as specialist products from brands such as VTE, and MTA.

These components can be purchased in large quantities to make them more cost effective, or purchased in kit boxes suitable to put on an engineer’s workstation. We also have the capability to use our production tooling to manufacture bespoke wiring kits and systems to customer’s request.

Due to the increasing success of the company, we have a large customer base of specialist vehicle converters and have developed a line of products to support more specific requirements. In 2018 we launched the Solutions SMART Series; our technical engineers work closely with converters to design more bespoke products to meet their specific needs. The focus is to develop products that are plug and play, modular and reliable, reducing installation times and remedial work for converters – and to ensure that vehicles are on the road for longer, by creating products that manage power and protect batteries whilst maintaining usability of additional onboard accessories.

The first range of products launched is the SMART Series Battery-to-Battery Chargers. Released to the market in 2018, our 12volt 30amp charger is well-regarded for its success against some larger brands due to its plug and play install and robust reliability. Our charger is used by some of the largest vehicle converters in the UK and Europe and to expand on the product’s success, we have also released a lithium version of the product to support more specialised conversions and a higher capacity 60amp version.


SMART Series Smart Relay
Battery to Battery Charger



Late in 2020, into early 2021 we will be expanding the range again, with chargers configured and tested for electric vehicles and for solar powered units. The full range will also take advantage of a Bluetooth module and an App that allows the end users to monitor the battery state in real time remotely.

Our chargers are configured for a ‘typical’ application, however we also offer a bespoke service, so that any customer can design and configure chargers to their specific configuration requirements – the product can also be purchased with a pe-bagged, pre-made wiring kit, again offering converters the opportunity to save significant time in production.

There is also SMART Series Smart Relay; this product is primarily a voltage sensing relay to automatically control charging between the starter and auxiliary batteries, but the product can also be used as a 200amp battery guard unit, preventing the vehicle starter battery from depleting to below 50%, critical when running multiple appliances, and ensuring the vehicle will always start.

We have also developed the SMART Series Invertor Switch; now that vehicles are utilising larger appliances on site, there is more demand for large wattage invertors. This product’s primary function is to take advantage of the alternator as a power source, to safely deliver very large currents for long periods and it can be installed parallel with the SMART Series Battery-to-Battery Charger to control power delivery through the invertor to large appliance loads ensuring maximum efficiency. The unit also includes a jump start feature. Should the starter battery deplete, the product can be used to draw power from the auxiliary battery to jump start the vehicle. Again, this is critical in ensuring vehicles are never ‘off the road’.

Aimed at Police vehicles the SMART Series Switch Unit is a 4 button modular panel made from a flexible rubberized adhesive material, and gives the installer the ability to configure (via a serial port) each button to their specific requirements; including latching, impulse, hold-to-run and even vehicle speed activated. The unit is designed and tested to optimise installation time, reliability and flexibility. The unit also features a ‘battery protect’ ability, that will keep critical functions live, diverting power from non-critical components in the event of battery depletion. Perfect for specialist Police vehicle conversions where cab space is limited, and bespoke functionality is needed.

Anyone who would like to know more about existing products and services, or would like to discuss a bespoke technical demand are free to contact the AMC team, we can work together with customers to develop bespoke solutions to increase efficiency with a reliable range of products and services.

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