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RM6143: Vehicle Telematics Hardware and Software Solutions

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is delighted to announce the new vehicle telematics agreement for public sector fleets, RM6143 Vehicle Telematics: Hardware and Software Solutions, the agreement went live on 24th April 2020 for a 4 year term.

The new, second-generation framework builds upon the previous arrangement, widening the scope of products and services offered and increases the number of suppliers appointed from 16 to 25.

In response to this fast-developing market, the agreement has been designed to be flexible for both public sector buyers and suppliers. 

Lot 1 is for the supply of vehicle telematics hardware, software and associated products, such as cameras and tracking solutions for equipment that are fixed or stored within a vehicle.  

Lot 2 is a new provision for CCS. Suppliers on this lot will offer software designed to enable public sector buyers to analyse data from multiple sources in one place. This has been introduced in response to developments in the telematics market and the increasing demand for the supply of fleet data analysis and risk management solutions to public sector fleet managers. 

Tammy Carter, Head of Fleet at CCS, said: “This new framework supports our strategy of offering solutions to meet all of the public sector’s fleet needs by offering customers an even wider range of products and services, including software-only solutions, to assist with total fleet management.

“The agreement will help our customers drive transformation in their fleet operation, allowing them to proactively manage their vehicle fleets more effectively and efficiently through the intelligent use of telematics data.” 

“The telematics solutions provided by our suppliers will enable customers to monitor elements such as fuel consumption, vehicle tracking and driver behaviour which can be used to identify safety improvements, deliver cost reductions based on the whole life cost of vehicles and support evidence-based decision making.”

CCS is the biggest public procurement organisation in the UK and this latest framework is available to all public sector bodies including central government, devolved administrations, NHS bodies, local authorities, police, the voluntary sector and charities. It is also available to any private sector organisation procuring on behalf of the public sector.

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