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Total Fleet Solutions

CCS provides access to a wide range of vehicles to suit diverse operational needs. From cars, 4x4s to light and heavy commercial vehicles, minibuses and coaches, our solutions can build the vehicles to suit your operational needs, such as grounds maintenance, street scene and waste management or simple light bar and internal racking solutions.

We have used our expertise, experience and market knowledge to develop a range of leading commercial agreements for you to choose from.

Our fleet solutions cover the purchase, lease and hire of all current and future vehicles including all fuel trains available. This is supported by a range of additional services including vehicle conversions, fleet management and maintenance, tyres and telematics. This helps fleet managers cover the whole vehicle life cycle from vehicle hire to fuel cards and insurance to traffic management technology solutions – we have got all of your fleet needs covered, however big or small.

The base vehicle

From cars to HGVs, a full range of vehicles is available via our solutions. This means you can access the right chassis for your specific requirements, whether it be a road sweeper, van with racking, passenger-carrying minibus, refuse collection and winter maintenance vehicle to a tractor unit or rigid chassis

There is full availability of electric, alternatively fueled and other ultra-low emission vehicles too. Access everything from standard production vehicles and their options, to specialist modified or fully converted vehicles.

You can enjoy discount rates off manufacturers’ standard prices of on average 11.8% better when compared to normal market rates.

Our Vehicle Purchase framework comprises 48 suppliers representing all vehicle brands available in the UK market, both current and future developed.

All standard build models, trims and factory fit options are available to order, as well as the ability to contract with the manufacturers for specialist, non-standard conversions which they may undertake in-house, or subcontract to appropriate specialists. Either way, you can obtain the “one-stop-shop” solution for vehicles via the Vehicle Purchase agreement (RM6060).

Bespoke conversions

Alternatively, you may wish to commission your own vehicle modification, either free-issuing a chassis to a converter or enabling them to provide the “turnkey” solution by sourcing the base vehicle on your behalf. For both routes, you can still enjoy the benefit of the market leading discounts off the base vehicle price.

Whatever your unique vehicle design, the CCS Vehicle Conversions Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) has a full range of suppliers to meet your needs.

What is a Dynamic Purchasing System?

A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is a public sector sourcing tool that is similar to a framework, but new suppliers can join at any time. The system is ideal for requirements that can be divided into categories of products, works or services, which can then be filtered to help you find the right suppliers to invite to compete for your opportunity.

The benefits

The DPS is flexible in design and use; new suppliers can apply to join at any point.

Design your contract to best suit you; from simple racking, lining or electrical installations to complex vehicle modifications to support your individual operational needs; the DPS can provide access to the right suppliers for you.

To use the conversions DPS, you can use a simple filtering tool which shows suppliers organised by:

  • Geography
  • Sector
  • Vehicle Type
  • Service Types
  • Product and sub-product


Standard modification include livery, electrical and communications work while Specialist modifications include those for the Emergency Service Network, welfare & accessibility, waste management, street scene and grounds maintenance, as well as police, traffic and medical vehicles.

If you would like to find out more, visit the CCS website  and search for ‘RM3814’. If you would like to see our full list of suppliers , please email

Sourcing options

If you do not want to purchase their vehicles, the CCS Vehicle Lease, Fleet Management and Flexible Rental Solutions agreement (RM6096) enable you to contract hire or flexibly rent any vehicle size or type, whether they are of standard build or specially modified.

Our suppliers have extensive experience of commissioning vehicle modifications for operational fleets, delivering great commercial value and choice of funding options. By choosing this route to market, you will only need a single contract with the funding supplier. They will manage the rest of the supply chain on your behalf.

If you need your specialist vehicle with short notice, or would prefer greater flexibility with your contracts, then you can consider Lot 4 for flexible rental from 28 days and up to 2-years. Unlike contract hired vehicles, these are not built to order as suppliers have stocks of commonly required specifications, ready for deployment. If you need further modifications, or your own telematics or livery for example, no problem, as the supplier can also commission this and spread the cost over your rental.

If you would like to find out more about any of the CCS fleet solutions and how they can support you please get in touch.

Call 0345 410 2222



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