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TRAKM8 builds on 10-year association with E.ON

Britain’s foremost vehicle technology specialist, Trakm8, will continue to supply its innovative telematics solutions to leading energy supplier E.ON; as part of a new agreement that further bolsters the decade-long relationship between the two businesses.

The fresh contract will see Trakm8 upgrade the tracking and driver behaviour technology it provides to E.ON’s fleet of LCV’s, which comprises some 2,100 vehicles.

Having previously used Trakm8’s T8 devices, E.ON will further enhance its fleet operation with Trakm8 Connect 500 devices, providing unparalleled insights into key metrics such as vehicle tracking, identifying the best means of asset utilisation and helping E.ON’s fleet deliver maximum ROI; and driver behaviour, to ensure drivers are operating safely and fuel efficiently.

Ellie Barnes, senior contract manager at E.ON, said: “For any fleet manager, knowing the whereabouts of your vehicles – and knowing that they are being driven safely and sustainably – is a critical consideration. That’s why innovative technology, such as that offered by Trakm8, is so important for delivering valuable peace of mind.

“Trakm8’s telematics solutions fit seamlessly into our wider fleet operation, providing all of the insights we need to best manage our vehicles at just the touch of a button. The past decade has been a fantastic learning curve into how telematics and smart data can drive significant benefits for a business of our size, and we’re looking forward to building on that further as part of our new contract agreement.”




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