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Webfleet Solutions and Lytx collaborate to offer a video-based solution for enhanced driver and vehicle safety

Webfleet Solutions, one of the world’s leading telematics providers and part of Bridgestone, is collaborating with Lytx, a leading global provider of video telematics solutions for fleets, to offer an integrated video-based solution.

WEBFLEET Video is a seamless integration of Lytx’s camera technology with Webfleet Solutions’ fleet management system. Users will be able to access and manage both their vehicles and their in-vehicle cameras via WEBFLEET, the award-winning fleet management platform, offering a single interface experience.

WEBFLEET Video combines Webfleet Solutions’ vehicle and driving data with Lytx’s advanced machine vision (MV) and artificial intelligence (AI) powered camera technology to give users the full context of how their fleet is operating on the road.

Users gain more insight into critical events, helping them to prevent accidents, increase safety for the driver, enhance fleet efficiency and reduce the frequency and cost of insurance claims.

“We are excited to combine our expertise to equip many more customers worldwide with best-in-class solutions,” said Damian Penney, Vice President, Europe at Lytx.

“Many fleet managers today leverage more than one technology, which can be a lot to juggle. Finding opportunities to consolidate is crucial. Through this integration, customers will be able to seamlessly access industry-leading video-based driver behaviour and fleet management insights.” 

The combination of video and telematics data offers a number of opportunities to help safeguard drivers and fleets. WEBFLEET, for example, provides actionable driving behaviour insights and real-time feedback for events such as idling or harsh braking, promoting safer and more sustainable standards.

With the addition of Lytx’ video technology, fleet managers now have a better understanding of why these events occur. They can protect their drivers from non-fault claims and coach them to achieve road safety improvements.

“We are convinced that Lytx, the leading company in video telematics, is the right partner to introduce our fully integrated video solution in WEBFLEET,” added Taco van der Leij, Vice President of Webfleet Solutions Europe.

“Together, we can better meet the needs of the fleets we serve, with increased safety and efficiency. WEBFLEET Video will also provide clear evidence in the event of road traffic incidents. This helps protects drivers against fraudulent claims, while also helping companies to avoid lengthy legal proceedings.”




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