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No need to install a wall box when you take the portable charger with you

If you manage fleets, a portable charger is more economical than a fixed station, flexible and able to adapt to different vehicle types and situations where it is not always possible to rely on public charging points.

Electrification of company fleets is one of the main tools for accelerating the transition to electric mobility. According to the last ‘Future of Transport’ report on the travel habits and preferences of UK drivers and fleet managers, more than half (57%) of the managers surveyed believe that the transition to electric vehicles is crucial to achieving sustainability goals and 50% believe it will improve their company’s sustainability image.

This means that companies will try to integrate electric vehicles into their fleets, although this is an ambitious goal for many of them. On the one hand, the installation of charging infrastructure at the workplace represents a cost that employers still consider unaffordable, and if you want to electrify your fleet, you need charging points at the workplace. Meanwhile, it is not possible to rely solely on public charging points, as they are not yet evenly distributed and reliable.

For companies facing this challenge, electric vehicle charging station manufacturer Juice Technology, offers a portable solution that makes electrification for employers much easier.

Main advantages of a portable charger over a fixed charger:

  • Convenient. Portable chargers are ready to use as they do not require installation. For companies committed to electrifying their fleets, providing a plug-in charging solution such as the Juice Booster 2 makes the transition to electric vehicles easier and more convenient than providing fixed charging points that require installation and are therefore more expensive.
  • Suitable for any business. The portable charger is flexible and easy to use, adapting to different types of vehicles and situations where it is not always possible to rely on public charging points. This makes it suitable for any type of business, from the construction industry – which needs to manage the charging process for vehicles involved in temporary construction sites that are open on different sites at the same time – to delivery companies that need to use electric trucks to enter city centres for last mile delivery.
  • Flexible. More than just a charger, it is the ideal solution for when you are on the move. The portable unit provides fast, safe charging wherever there is an available power socket (no more range anxiety). It offers a wide range of connection options and different adapters, depending on the site’s power outlet. Charging on an industrial site, where three-phase electricity is usually available, can make full use of the potential of a 22kW charging station and reduce the charging time as much as possible, even with alternating current. In any case, it allows the EV driver to charge anywhere in the world, using any domestic or industrial socket.
  • Power at your hand. It comes with a case that fits in the boot of your car, so the charger doesn’t take up much space, which is great when you’re travelling. It doesn’t matter if there’s a public charging point nearby, or whether it’s working or not. When you run out of power, you have your charger to hand.
  • One device for home and for work. Providing charging solutions at work makes it easier for employees who cannot charge their vehicle at home. They only need one solution for both work and home.

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