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Driver mangement

Empowering Driver Management

Technology Insight – Telematics For any essential fleet, managing drivers is a complex challenge in terms of safety, compliance, productivity and efficiency, which requires a...

The dangers of tailgating

Tailgating, in other words driving too close to the vehicle in front, is a dangerous activity that every driver should avoid, as it can...
Driver Management

Best Practice Guide: Driver Management

By: Deborah Cheadle, Publisher, Essential Fleet Group Ltd. Introduction As a fleet or transport manager, you have the responsibility of managing your organisation’s fleet, which includes...
Fleet Management

Best Practice Guide: Fleet Management

By: Deborah Cheadle, Publisher, Essential Fleet Group Ltd. How best to achieve efficiency whilst staying compliant The Challenges within fleet managementAs a fleet or transport manager,...
driving in snow

Best Practice: Keeping your fleet moving in winter

In winter, fleet and transport managers within the ‘Essential Services’ sector face increasing pressure. Not only to ensure the safety of their drivers but...
James Gunning

Meeting the challenges of winter conditions

All Fleet and Transport professionals must predict and prepare for the challenges that are presented by the winter months. When vehicles are often operating...