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Formation of specialist automotive consultancy to help sector capitalise on unparalleled change

A new specialist automotive consultancy, Elevenci, has been launched with the aim of leading the transformation of the industry through an unparalleled period of change triggered by emerging technology, changing consumer demand and shifting regulatory policy.

The launch arrives as remarkable new opportunities are emerging, and traditional business models are being torn up in the pursuit of innovation and organisational agility. 

Elevenci will provide manufacturers, fleet & leasing providers and finance houses with access to an unrivalled panel of experts which offers outstanding levels of automotive and external industry knowledge. This unmatched insight will help automotive clients to de-risk decisions, accelerate change and maximise ROI.

Proudly independent, the business will help automotive companies devise, implement and manage complex strategies and transformation programmes during a critical period of decision-making and investment for the industry, which is currently underserved by the consultancy sector. 

Uniquely informed and fiercely innovative, Elevenci’s leadership team consists of Managing Director, John Waring; Mike Walters, Managing Consultant; Gary Elliott, Client Development Director and Consultant Andrew Shaw. Together with its diverse panel of associates – including well-known industry experts Steve Gowler, Robert Wastell, Gabi Whitfield, Ged O’Neill, Steve Beattie, Bryan Marcus and many others – Elevenci will deliver everything from strategic reviews to technology-enabled transformation programmes, all the way through to supplier selection and delivery of projects.

Offering an alternative approach to traditional consultancies, the boutique firm has been launched at a time when the UK automotive industry faces unparalleled change and economic headwinds, creating a ‘perfect storm’ of challenges that include mobility, AI and machine learning, automation and robotics, electrification, alternative powertrains and digitalisation, alongside the continued uncertainty of a post-Brexit world.

“Historically, the industry has had to deal with some significant and far-reaching issues – including globalisation and emissions legislation – but never has it had to cope with so many diverse, competing challenges and opportunities occurring at the same time. You could say the industry faces an existential crisis,” said John Waring, Managing Director of Elevenci.

“This year will be a critical one for the industry; the decisions made in the next six to 12 months will have a definitive and seismic influence on the commercial success of the industry, certainly for the next three to five years and probably well beyond that.”

As well as its vast automotive know-how, Elevenci offers the industry a valuable external perspective that combines fresh thinking and constructive challenge based on experience from the technology, banking and regulatory sectors. 

“While the UK market will need to handle ongoing disruption and change, much of the news has focussed on OEMs, but the fleet, leasing and finance sectors are hugely impacted, too. 

“With political and environmental issues, a post-Brexit economy, China and inefficient legacy structures to account for, many businesses across the entire automotive sector  are struggling to adapt fast enough, let alone maximise the opportunities presented by increasing digitalisation,  alternative powertrains and new mobility services. This is where Elevenci can help,” added Waring.

Elevenci arrives in the market offering a full suite of services including strategic consultancy, transformation and delivery leadership, supplier selection, project health checks, research, insights and interim management alongside ‘out of the box’ products and frameworks that will allow its automotive clients to analyse, select and deliver in an accelerated time-frame.

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