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MFS calls on Fleet Managers to ‘supercharge EV tyre knowledge’

Micheldever Fleet Solutions (MFS) is calling on Fleet Managers to ‘supercharge their EV tyre knowledge’ and has released an EV tyre guide to help them develop their expertise.

MFS – the fleet tyre division of Micheldever Tyre Services, one of the UK’s leading tyre wholesalers – says the different tyre requirements for EV vehicles demand a more in-depth tyre knowledge than for conventional vehicles and Fleet Managers “need to get up to speed” on the differences.

In order to help with the knowledge boost required, MFS has released its ‘Supercharging Your Fleet’ tyre guide, available as a free download from the MFS website,

The EV tyre guide provides an overview of the market, guidance on the challenges posed by EV vehicles and advice and tips on fitting EV tyres to a company’s fleet.

It includes guidance on the best tyres to fit to different types of EV vehicles, safety advice, wear rates and tyre replacement cycles.

The advice from MFS comes amid a surge in EV vehicle registration, with the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reporting 2021 as the most successful year in history for EV uptake, with more new battery electric vehicles (BEVs) registered than the previous five years combined.

Martin Towers, MFS Sales Director, said: “As the recent SMMT figures show the EV market is surging and will continue that way throughout the year.

“For those businesses in 2022 looking to make the transition to a zero-emission fleet, they need to not only ensure they secure the right vehicles but have the right tyres fitted on them. There is a lot for Fleet Managers to consider and fitting the wrong type of tyre can result in a loss of range, extra noise, accelerated wear and compromise the safety of the vehicle.

“It’s therefore really important that Fleet Managers supercharge their EV tyre knowledge and get up to speed on the key differences between EV tyres and those fitted to conventional vehicles.

“With increasing numbers of EV vehicles entering the fleet market, the time to take action is now. We have produced the new MFS EV tyre guide to help Fleet Managers fill in any gaps in their EV tyre knowledge and to support them in developing their position as EV tyre experts within their business.”

Launched last summer, Micheldever Fleet Solutions (MFS) prides itself in building individual solutions for individual customer needs. By using its product expertise and unique range of group products and services, MFS works with Fleet Managers to build a modular driven solution tailored to the requirements of their business.

MFS is managed by professionals with long careers in providing services to fleet businesses. It’s at the centre of a network of 1350 independent fitters that can provide industry leading and extremely flexible services no matter how remote or unique that requirement may be.

As well as identifying the right tyre to suit the right vehicle, MFS can also find a solution for disposing of the original equipment tyres. MTS partners with their customers to ensure tyres taken off vehicles are successfully redeployed, both removing the hassle for the customer and allowing the tyres to be put to an alternative use that is beneficial to all involved.

For honest, unbiased advice on a range of tyre solutions for fleets businesses, please contact Martin Towers at or 07787 576686.




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