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A guide to why you need effective Fleet Management Software

As a fleet or transport manager operating in the ‘Essential Fleet Sector’ you have a requirement both legally and financially to ensure that you are operating a safe, efficient and compliant fleet.

Micro-management is not possible within large and diverse fleets and so making the right decision on which Fleet Management Software (FMS) to implement will prove invaluable. 
Many vehicles operating within the ‘Essential Fleet Sector’ as you know, are not returned to base and are parked at, or near to an operative’s residence overnight, so there is a real need for cohesive remote monitoring and in a digital format.

Implementing a system that works to meet the needs of your fleet, will not only benefit your organisation in terms of delivering a cost-efficient operation, but it will enable your drivers and vehicles to stay operational, minimising Vehicle-Off-Road (VOR) time. 

Most FMS will have key elements that address and manage different issues these include, monitoring driver behaviour, asset tracking, monitoring vehicle health, helping with compliance and route optimisation.

FMS will enable you as fleet or transport manager to have in effect ‘eyes everywhere’ and if real-time monitoring is enabled this will help improve the delivery of your services, with more effective or increased response times that meet your customers’ needs – helping to maintain a valued corporate image…

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