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ABAX made a significant investment in their new, next-gen software

ABAX is announcing the launch of their new, game-changing, next-generation software, ensuring their customers are futureproofed. The release is a result of a considerable investment in the technology department.  

11 million Nok in investments 

Over the past three years, ABAX has hired 25 new developers and invested 11 million Nok (around £1 million) to be able to launch the update. CTO at ABAX, Paul Walsh, says the big investment is all for the benefit of the customers.  

— We are committed to giving our customers access to the best experiences possible, with our focus being on solving actual problems our customers are facing and providing real value to them. We believe that investing in our Technology is crucial to match our company strategy. 

The new ecosystem gives ABAX customers value for money 

An intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easier to navigate the system and improves productivity for the ABAX customers. The new and modern UI contributes to a positive user experience, and the frontend will allow ABAX to develop process-driven applications with user-centric business workflows. The result is an improved consumer experience as well as more effective business processes. 

— Many of our customer base today are spending their days working out in the field, away from a desk. They do not have time to investigate the future of technology and what it involves for their business. We make it easy for them to benefit from their own data, to become more cost-efficient, and decrease their CO2 footprint, says Stig Fossum, Senior Product Owner of ABAX. 

Built for the future 

The new architecture is part of ABAX’s growth strategy making the application more maintainable and ready for future growth. The new UI is one of many major technology investments within ABAX for future services to come, Walsh reveals. 

— As ABAX expands into new verticals, our new architecture enables us to easily expand our product offering. There are several exciting SaaS launches to come within 2022, Walsh ends.  

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ABAX is one of the largest telematic companies in Europe with high-quality software and hardware developed in-house. Our services help customers stay up to date, become more efficient and save money through world-class SaaS (Software as a Service). Our customer base of 44,000, and more than 536,000 tracked assets are constantly increasing our ABAX Global Network. ABAX is at the forefront of telematics connecting all company assets on an unprecedented level. Our mission is to continually help our customers run their businesses smarter and healthier, making it easy for them to improve efficiency, comply with legislation, and increase profitability. We are represented in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, and the UK with headquarters in Larvik, Norway.





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