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Autotech Training Unveils Autolearn to support CPD and ongoing learning

In a direct bid to support the continuous upskilling of vehicle technicians in an era of rapid automotive technological advancements, Autotech Training has launched Autolearn, a dynamic Learner Management System (LMS).

The online learning platform, powered by Autotech Training, is set to revolutionise how vehicle technicians engage in Continued Professional Development (CPD), ensuring compliance and proficiency in repairing and maintaining EVs and ADAS-enabled vehicles.

Supporting mandatory IMI TechSafe™ recognised CPD routes, Autolearn will offer modular, bite-sized e-learning courses adaptable to meet the busy schedules of learners.

The introduction of Autolearn comes at a critical point when the industry is facing stringent compliance demands.

An estimated 8,000 individuals will need to undertake essential CPD training before next April to remain IMI TechSafe™ registered and compliant. Vehicle technicians who have achieved an EV certification are required to complete a total of 18 hours of CPD over three years, while those who have embarked upon ADAS training must pursue 10 hours to maintain compliance.

Facilitating accessible and flexible learning experiences, Autolearn’s user-friendly interface and meticulously crafted modules ensure learners can meet these requirements efficiently.

“With the automotive landscape shifting towards highly sophisticated technologies, it’s imperative for vehicle technicians to continuously adapt and upskill,” comments Alistair McCrindle, Autotech Training’s Director of Operations. “Autolearn is not just a platform; it’s a commitment to lifelong learning and industry excellence. It signifies our dedication to equipping technicians with the skills set to manage vehicles today while helping them remain compliant.”

Beyond individual training needs, Autolearn is poised for growth, with future plans to offer white-label capabilities, allowing companies to deliver custom training courses through Autotech Training’s platform.

The learning platform underpins Autotech Training’s mission to empower vehicle technicians and uphold the highest industry standards. By launching Autolearn, Autotech Training not only reinforces its position at the forefront of automotive training but also fosters a culture of ongoing professional development crucial to the sector’s success.

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