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Calor enhances fleet performance with Trakm8

Trusted by over 100,000 thousand rural homes and businesses for over 85 years, Calor is the UK’s leading supplier of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and its renewable alternative, BioLPG *. With two of Europe’s largest LPG storage terminals, 550 vehicles with telematics on the road and a specialist team of engineers who provide 24/7 emergency support, Calor supplies energy where there is no mains gas supply available.  With a unique set of telematics requirements and a highly specialised fleet to meet demand, Calor turned to vehicle technology specialist Trakm8, the UK’s recognised leader in vehicle technology solutions, for a fleet management solution that has significantly improved driver safety and efficiency.

Building bespoke software for its cutting-edge telematics hardware, Trakm8 provided Calor with the latest in telematics for tracking, camera solutions, managing driver safety and vehicle efficiency. With Trakm8’s customised technology now in place, Calor has implemented a company-wide driver safety programme to raise standards and lead an improved safety focus, resulting in impressive driver safety improvements.

Since the start of 2021, Calor has seen:

  • Driver safety score increase nationally from 68% to 77% in 12 months
  • Vehicle efficiency score increase from 91% to 94%
  • Engine idling costs reduce by 22%

These impressive results can be attributed to Trakm8’s innovative driver safety behaviour scoring system. This allows Calor to identify any weaknesses in driver performance related to safety and provides driver coaches solutions to ensure any problem areas are addressed, ensuring best safety practices and efficiency.

Trakm8 provides market-leading telematics products that address common problems faced by fleet managers. Products such as the Trakm8 RH600 Integrated Telematics Camera help reduce insurance premiums and incident costs by providing real-time driving performance data and easy access to road and in-cab video. Discreet yet powerful, the RH600 can help protect businesses from reputational and financial damages caused by accidents.

Calor’s fleet varies significantly in size and weight distribution and can carry a variety of loads from bulk gas to cylinders. With an off-the-shelf solution, it could be difficult to obtain the reliable driver safety performance data crucial to decreasing incident rates. Trakm8’s technical and diagnostics teams worked with Calor to understand the needs of every vehicle type and individually calibrate software to provide accurate readings undertaking vigorous and detailed testing.

Andrew Stout, Continuous Improvement and Master Data Manager at Calor, said: “Both our fleet’s and driver safety standards are extremely important to us. We want our fleet to be market leading when it comes to safety, which is why we turned to Trakm8 for its telematics solutions.

“We’ve worked extensively with Trakm8 to create a custom solution that works for our needs and meets the varying requirements of our specialised fleet. With our new driver coach programme, we can already see improvements in safety performance, which will optimise miles per gallon and therefore reduce costs for the business.”

Sandra Montgomery, Key Account and Innovation Director at Trakm8, commented: “Our relationship with Calor is a true collaboration, with Trakm8 engineers working with their expert fleet team to create a bespoke firmware solution for their needs. Calor now has access to an extensive range of telematics capabilities that will decrease costs and increase safety.

“It’s great to see Trakm8 technology at the heart of the UK energy system and we’re incredibly pleased to be bringing our breakthrough technology to such a key player as Calor.”

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