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Calor has invested in LNG tucks to support 2040 pledge

Calor, the UK’s leading provider of alternative fuels, has invested in the next generation of LNG vehicles, which offer a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions* compared to their diesel counterparts1.

Calor will be operating a number of Volvo FM LNG trucks on its national trunking operation, fuelled by its national footprint of LNG stations. These LNG vehicles offer the same performance as their diesel-powered equivalents, but with a much smaller carbon footprint.

The move is the next step in the company’s journey to reducing its CO2 emissions and becoming a fossil-free business by 2040. LNG is better than any other fossil fuel for the environment, as it releases significantly less CO2, NOx and SOx and virtually no ash or particulates2. Switching to LNG will also future-proof Calor’s supply infrastructure by offering an easy transition to even more sustainable fuels, such as BioLNG.

With the transport sector now the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 27% of total emissions in 20163, Calor hopes the move will inspire other businesses to follow suit in finding a more sustainable fuel alternative.

There are already a number of LNG refuelling stations strategically located around the UK, with planned investment for many more over the coming years, which means filling-up need never be a concern, regardless of the type of distribution operation.

Andy Allan, national trunking manager at Calor, says: “As a leading supplier of alternative fuels, we understand there is an urgent need for the transport industry to reduce its carbon emissions but also that it is a significant undertaking for many businesses.

“Thankfully, LNG is a viable fuel option that is not only much cleaner than diesel, but also very affordable and easy to refill, with no adverse effects on fleet performance. We’re so passionate about the benefits of LNG that we’ve integrated LNG trucks into our own distribution chain.”

Martin Tomlinson, head of media and truck demonstration at Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland, comments: “Our partnership with Calor began at a very early stage of the introduction of our new range of LNG trucks back in 2017. They supported us with infrastructure solutions to get our trucks up and running and our relationship has gone from strength to strength since, in much the same way as Calor’s network of filling stations.  We’re delighted to see them putting their confidence in our product which has been proven to deliver significant operational savings whilst delivering up to 20% savings in CO2”

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