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Choosing the right car seat for your children

Choosing the right car or booster seat for your child is so important, you must ensure they are safe and secure at all times and that the type of seat you choose, meets with current guidelines.
The general rule is that children under 12 must use a child seat or suitable booster seat, and that children 12 years and older or 135 centimetres tall, whichever comes first, must wear a seat belt.
Child car seats are designed to protect at each stage of development. As your child grows you should replace your car seat to meet either their height or weight requirements.
When you are deciding on a baby seat you have a choice either to buy one as part of a travel system or as a stand alone purchase. You will need to know whether it can be secured by Isofix connectors that are found at the base of the rear seats, the car seat belt or fix on to a base.
If your vehicle was registered after 2001 it will have Isofix connectors and if you opt for a base unit this will stay in the car and the seat will click into place…

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