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DCW gets connected with Fleetclear

The South West’s leading Zero to Landfill waste management and recycling company, DCW, has teamed up with fleet solution provider, Fleetclear to enhance safety and keep track of its fleet and driver workforce.

The DCW fleet is large and diverse ranging from LCVs and transit vans to 18t delivery vehicles, 26t and 32t Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCVs), top loaders, front end loaders, skip lorries and RoRos. The company was looking for a fleetwide, easy to implement technological solution to encompass vehicle safety and tracking, and monitoring of its driver workforce who make up around 70% of DCW employees.

The entire 55 strong fleet has now been equipped with Fleetclear’s market leading RXLite LIVE camera recording systems.  DCW also uses the Fleetclear Connect web-based fleet software platform, which is suitable for all vehicle types and provides a simplified, user-friendly way to manage vehicles and drivers. It combines vehicle hardware and safety technology with tachograph information, GPS tracking, telematics including fuel and carbon analysis, driver behaviour and compliance monitoring.

Richard Smith, Commercial Waste Operations Manager at DCW, commented:

“We now have full LIVE cameras on all our vehicles and thanks to Fleetclear’s superior technology we can download the footage within minutes. In the case of any incidents, it’s crucial to get the information to our insurance company as soon as possible. The footage from the RX Lite camera system is so clear that where there is doubt over the cause of an accident it can help to disprove any false claims immediately. In fact, we’ve probably already saved the cost of the cameras already.”

The Fleetclear Connect footage sharing system also enables users to send weblinks to specific footage. Using a customisable dashboard, DCW can track vehicles LIVE and view telematics information, identify drivers, and monitor different aspects of driver and vehicle performance.

Richard added: “Fleetclear Connect is a powerful tool for fleet operators. We don’t want the hassle of using multiple systems; we want to go to one place and access all the information we need, immediately. If there is a potential incident we need to know when and where it happened, so that we can take appropriate action. With Fleetclear Connect we can create driver records and scores and send relevant information to managers to feed into training plans.”

For more information about Fleetclear visit www.fleetclear.com 




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