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Driving fleet and delivery organisations forward with new Civica TranSend Platform

Keith Hawker, Managing Director at Civica discusses how TranSend will help shape the future of transport and logistics operations

Compliance, cost control and asset availability are some of the key challenges facing fleet and logistics managers today. The added pressure of driver shortages, increasing customer demands and the net zero deadline is making the job harder than ever.

The new Civica TranSend platform allows organisations to manage fleet, delivery and route planning in one place. The cloud software will save time and money, while making the most out of all assets, helping to ensure compliance and ultimately delivering improved services.
Designed with sustainability in mind, TranSend is flexible, scalable and easy to use. It offers complete visibility and control to maximise vehicle availability to keep services running and meet customer demands.

Using the cloud, TranSend provides better insight to support organisations to make timely decisions to overcome key challenges facing the sector now and in the future. Some of these challenges include:

Adapting to hybrid working
COVID 19 has brought a new-norm of hybrid working. To run operations effectively with this new way of working, organisations need to have quick access to their performance data. TranSend provides real-time visibility and control of operations which supports fast responses to reduce risks and costs, such as booking-in vehicles instantly that need urgent repairs or identifying non-deliveries and notifying customers immediately. Teams can work anywhere, using any device. This keeps users connected to the business, suppliers and customers to make timely decisions and fix problems fast.

Building sustainability
Cost-efficiency and decarbonisation are high on the agenda for everyone. In order to achieve these objectives, organisations must first gain an in-depth understanding of their spend now. With better fuel management and effective route planning, TranSend helps to make this onerous task more achievable. It captures data accurately to provide total life cost per asset with ease, helping to identify potential cost-saving opportunities and reduce carbon emission through better route planning. With better understanding of fleet expenditure, organisations can control costs and build business cases for the move to electric vehicles with ease.

Delivering consistent services
It’s well reported that driver shortages are rising significantly.
Over the past year, this ongoing challenge has been intensified by the pandemic and Brexit. Therefore, it’s inevitable that organisations will need to train new or use agency drivers to fulfil demands. TranSend allows transport teams to specify driver workflows to meet individual customer needs, giving them greater control to maintain consistent services, whether they use experienced, new or external driver resources.
Just as we expect from services in our personal lives, the future of fleet and delivery management is about connectivity, ease of data access and making things simple. By using cloud software, with a single view of data available at a touch of a button, transport teams can transform services and outcomes for customers into the future.

Let TranSend steer you to a better future

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