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Driving in the dark – advice for drivers

In the late Autumn and as we approach the winter months, many drivers who feel uneasy driving in the dark start to feel anxious behind the wheel. Below you will find some great hints and tips to make driving at night feel less stressful.

Be safe be seen
Most vehicles now have an automatic setting for headlights so a car or van will automatically switch from daytime running lights to full headlights without the driver noticing, but many vehicles don’t have this function so it is important to remember to switch on in low light, or in low visibility.
It is illegal to drive at night without properly functioning front and rear lights, so before starting a journey drivers are advised to check that all lights are in working order. If a bulb has gone, it is an inexpensive fix at any garage or service centre and it may well save a possible fine. If the police notice a vehicle driving with only one headlight they will stop the driver. Drivers could then face being handed a fixed penalty notice fine of £100 and three points on their licence.

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