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ERS Medical debuts first electric Ambulance

National health and social care transport company ERS Medical has debuted its first electric ambulance to an audience at this year’s Emergency Services Show. Built by Blue Light Services, the zero-emissions patient transport vehicle is the first in ERS Medical’s fleet, paving the way for the company’s cleaner and greener transport vision.

With a range of 219/185 miles (city/combined), the electric ambulance saves over 4000kg of CO2 emissions per year when compared to a diesel vehicle equivalent driving 10,000 miles per annum. This saving of CO2 per annum is equivalent to 424 gallons of diesel consumed or 4769 pounds of coal burned.

The electric ambulance boasts a charging time of 45 minutes to reach 80% battery with a DC charge – making it convenient and practical for continuous use on patient transport journeys.

Andrew Pooley, ERS Medical’s Managing Director, comments: “As the leading non-emergency patient transport provider for the country, we want to ensure our service to the NHS is future-friendly and sustainable. The vehicle’s capability of mileage and charging time means that this is a practical long-term solution for greener patient transport and we’re looking to move swiftly forward with putting this to good use. We are currently in talks with certain NHS organisations about the electric ambulance being deployed for non-emergency patient transport journeys.”

The interior of the vehicle has several features for patient transport use and in its current stretcher configuration, it can carry four people including the driver. However, the vehicle’s configuration can be easily switched from accommodating a wheelchair to stretcher or seated design, respectively. The wheelchair configuration allows for one driver, one seated passenger and two wheelchairs, and the seated configuration allows for one driver plus three seated passengers. 

A smooth, trifold ramp is inbuilt, allowing crews to comfortably move patients on wheelchairs and stretchers on to the vehicle. A combined wheelchair and carry chair storage space is located in the front of the vehicle, which is accessible from the rear and side doors.

Other interior features of the vehicle include a hygiene station, a wipe clean interior, a twist and recline seat for the passenger, two oxygen pipe outlets situated in the off and near side of the interior cabin, a cabinet for storage of essential medical equipment and a wheelchair restraint that is built into the wheel arch for a streamlined look. 

Patients travelling on board this ambulance can also benefit from two 12v charging points in the back that can be used to charge their mobile phones, a speaker system to listen to the radio if they wish to and interior trauma lighting to add to a relaxing experience for any evening journeys.

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