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Fleetclear launches lone worker safety solution

Fleet solution provider Fleetclear is launching its latest innovation, a new personal tracking device that can be monitored via the Fleetclear Connect software platform. The IDCard personal tracker shows the Live location and historic routes for lone workers and non-powered assets such as street cleansing barrows, bicycles and litter picking devices.  

The trackers can be body worn and feature automatic man down SOS alerts, two-way call capabilities and a panic button to send an SMS or make an emergency call to request help if needed. There are 5 programmable buttons, which can be customised accordingly, and the device has a slot for an ID card. 

Chris Waller, Chief Technical Officer, Fleetclear: “There are many sectors that require pedestrian or lone workers to carry out duties and until now it has been difficult to monitor or track these employees and ensure their safety. Our Personal Trackers provide a lifeline in emergency situations and send automatic alerts in no-movement scenarios. We are delighted to be able to offer this new feature within our Fleetclear Connect platform, which enables real-time monitoring of individual workers as well as vehicles and drivers.”

Fleetclear Connect is a powerful web-based software platform which encompasses all aspects of vehicle and driver safety, operational efficiency, and compliance. It is suitable for all vehicle types, easy to use and combines vehicle hardware and safety technology with tachograph information, GPS tracking, telematics including fuel & carbon analysis, driver behaviour, and compliance monitoring.

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