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Holman and BT Group sign one of the biggest fleet management deals in history

Seven-year fleet management contract for around 37,000 commercial vehicles

Holman has signed one of the biggest fleet management deals in history, taking over the contract for BT Group’s 37,000 commercial vehicles. The contract includes all of BT’s light commercials, large commercials and specialist vehicles, HGVs, plant and ancillary equipment – the majority of which reside in the Openreach unit, which is rapidly delivering full-fibre broadband across the UK.

The initial seven-year contract includes service, maintenance and repair, portfolio management, glass replacement, and pool vehicle/rental management.
To support the contract, Holman is expanding operations into Birmingham with a new facility and new roles ranging from Leadership through to Trainee. Designed to be the benchmark for fleet management in the UK, the partnership has been built from the ground up to deliver innovation, flexibility, and service delivery and will, by design, help all fleets served under Holman.

Nick Caller, Holman UK managing director, said: “We are delighted to have been selected by BT to win what is arguably, the largest fleet management contract ever awarded in the UK.
“Our flexible and transparent solutions will ensure we maximise BT Group’s investment in its commercial fleet, supporting the business to achieve its objectives and business commitments.

“This contract will set the standard for fleet management in the UK – and is a testament not only to the dedication, growth and innovation of everyone involved at Holman, but to the partnership approach employed by BT Group throughout our discussions over the last 12 months.”

Cyril Pourat, BT Group Chief Procurement Officer, said: “To ensure we can maintain our fleet of 37,000 vehicles in the UK, allowing our engineers to build and maintain our next generation fibre and mobile networks, we’ve chosen a fleet partner who can provide an efficient service to our engineers. 

“We regularly review our contracts with suppliers, and we’ve made an agreement with Holman to transfer the maintenance of our commercial fleet to them later this year. As we move the majority of our fleet to electric or zero emission vehicles by 2030, these changes will ensure we can continue to give the best service to our customers across the UK, from Shetland to the Scilly Isles.”

“One of the core strategies of the partnership will be to bring enhancements for BT Group and its drivers, with a particular focus on EV and sustainability initiatives and investment in technology to streamline and enhance service delivery.

“The contract will focus on transforming the driver experience, bringing innovation and transformation ideas to enhance the operational and driver experience for engineers on the road. With a network extending to over 400 locations across the UK, Holman is closer to the majority of BT Group’s workforce, supporting the migration of their fleet to electric and net zero carbon vehicles between now and 2030.”

Caller added: “Adding such a significant fleet to our portfolio allows us to accelerate products and services already in the pipeline. Additionally, our partnership with BT Group has identified areas where we wish to invest further to support all customers, partners and prospects alike.”
Holman will take over full management of the BT Group from 30th September 2023 from the incumbent provider.




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