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Supplier Insight: (Clayton Power) How to slash fuel costs and reduce roadside emissions to ZERO

Electric vehicles are one thing – but what about powering tools and equipment?

We all know that by 2030, our fleets will need to be made up of electric-powered vehicles. It’s a move that’s intended to reduce carbon emissions – in an attempt to reverse the effects of climate change. But there’s something we can all do right now to reduce carbon emissions drastically – and massively reduce our spend on fuel.

This guide to slashing fuel costs and reducing roadside emissions sets out what you can do to make a world of difference to your budgets and carbon emission reduction targets.

Are your vehicles consuming 5x more fuel at the roadside than getting from A to B?

It’s a shocking statistic. But if your crews are working at the roadside, you could be consuming as much as five times more fuel at the roadside, than you do on the go. This is especially true if your teams are using generators and the vehicle’s engine to power tools and equipment.

Idling at the roadside bumps up your fuel consumption massively. A TRL report estimated that idling costs 3p per minute – which means that the cost of a single vehicle idling for 10 minutes a day, over six months, is £58. When idling is used to power extensive works, costs can be significantly higher.

Switch to the all-in-one Lithium Power Supply (LPS II) from Clayton Power, to eliminate roadside fuel consumption. The LPS II recharges from:

  • Solar panels
  • Mains hook-up
  • Vehicle’s alternator

So you can recharge on the go or on the spot – and drastically cut fuel

And it’s a heavy lifter – powering everything from crew comforts like kettles and microwaves, through to angle grinders and small welding systems. And of course, if your roadside fuel consumption is zero – your emissions are too.

  • No more roadside idling
  • Drastically reduced fuel consumption
  • Zero roadside emissions
    And the benefits don’t stop there…

Overnight working? No problem.
Without the noise of generators and power take-off (PTO), you’ll have no noise abatement problems. Just get the job finished and get on.

The LPS II is manufactured by the best engineers in Europe. It is Euro 6 compliant, and built to the highest levels of safety and durability. Our UK team is here to support you.
Compared to lead/AGM systems, the LPS II is 6 times lighter – reducing your payload. Which helps you reduce fuel consumption on the go.

Zero roadside emissions is great for the environment – and it’s brilliant for your teams too. No emissions means no fumes, means healthier teams. Install and remove the LPS II in minutes. In fact, it’s so portable, purchasing it via your tooling budget is an option.

The all-in-one LPS II does some seriously heavy lifting!
The compact 230V and 12V power system comes with a built-in lithium-ion battery, powerful pure sine wave inverter and all necessary components to make it work
seamlessly and safely. A top-of-the range system gives an impressive 3000W, 2kWh – with a peak of 5000W.

Able to power everything from basic equipment, through to electric air compressors, small welding systems and heavy power tools, the LPS II is a beast.

Find out how the LPS II can save you money, provide a better working environment for your teams and help you eliminate roadside emissions.
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