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Hydrogen fuel cell conversion from Caigan Vehicle Technologies

Caigan Vehicle Technologies Ltd. have entered the zero-carbon transport market with an innovative hydrogen fuel cell conversion for internal combustion engine vehicles.
Based in South Lanarkshire, Caigan’s engineers can replace a petrol or diesel engine with a complete hydrogen fuel cell power system to eliminate harmful emissions entirely. This novel approach allows fleet managers to gradually upgrade in order to meet targets without the cost and disruption of replacing all of their vehicles.

The conversion process involves removing the existing engine and fuel system and retrofitting a hydrogen storage tank, a fuel cell to convert the hydrogen gas to electricity, a traction battery and an electric drive motor.

Caigan Managing Director Steve Turner:

“Companies and organisations are under growing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and there won’t be enough electric vehicles to meet demand as deadlines approach. We can design and integrate a hydrogen powertrain with negligible reduction in payload and range when compared to petrol or diesel power. This option allows fleet managers to upgrade their high-value assets and keep them in service instead of coming under pressure to dispose of them before good alternatives are available.”
“Hydrogen fuel cell technology isn’t a compromise or a half measure. Fuel cells only emit water vapour and a little heat so harmful tailpipe emissions are zero. The most polluting vehicles can drive into our workshop and drive out with no emissions at all. The latest fuel cell cars actually clean the air as they drive which is a game-changer for the environment.”

As well as the environmental and compliance benefits, Caigan also expect a converted vehicle to have significantly lower running and maintenance costs compared to original specification.
With their focus set on medium-duty (3.5-7.5T) vehicles, Caigan are looking towards local councils, emergency services and similar fleets as ideal candidates for their conversion packages. Caigan Vehicle Technologies can be contacted through




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