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Jaama fleet management – the single source of truth for your fleet

Jaama is celebrating onboarding a half century of local authority and essential fleet organisations onto its Key2 fleet management platform.

Dedication to this market has seen Jaama become an APSE approved partner, an Associate FORS member, enabling fleets to achieved FORS accreditation and a Van Excellence partner.

With vehicle operating costs spiralling and more compliance regulations than ever before, essential fleets are investing in software to identify improvement initiatives through stringent data collection and management.

Key2 and Jaama’s approach is helping essential fleets make timely strategic fleet decisions, which is why in the past few 18 months Jaama have seen significant growth within this market and a number have decided to make the change over to Key2 for various reasons (free Software upgrades, a more innovative solution, not charging customers for things that we feel should be covered within your contract such as reports/process reviews/best practice advice etc.).

Jaama’s Key2 fleet management system covers all fleet and asset management requirements in one accessible centralised system. It makes previously manually intensive tasks a thing of the past such as defect management, pool car bookings, reporting, event management and the checking of drivers’ licences.

Compliance is key and the Compliance Manager module is fully configurable to each fleet’s needs. Regular and one-off vehicle-related events such as servicing in accordance with manufacturer requirements, MOTs, and commercial vehicle inspections can be created and scheduled to ensure they are never missed.

Compliance functionality includes an audit trail of historical events store against the asset record to enable fleet managers to check whether historic events are being completed; prematurely, on time or late. It then auto-creates the ‘due date’ for the next event such as a service, MOT, or inspection.

It can also pause events and record a reason – for example if a vehicle is SORN or is used seasonally.

Managing electronic documentation
An increasing number of Jaama’s new fleet customers have invested in Key2 with the objective of helping them securely manage the growing amount of electronic documentation now required to run their assets. Drivers can carry out many tasks including daily inspections via MyVehicle App – the mobile app fully integrated with Key2. This negates any unnecessary paperwork and the need for manual data keying as information entered into the app is submitted automatically and updates the back office Key2 system in real time triggering reminders.

So what do our customers say about us?

Marston Group have stated “….our most important technological tool is our Jaama system” and “We use this as our single source of truth for our fleet…“

Falkirk Council have said “without Key2 we would be totally lost. With one of the key factors in choosing to install the solution being the fact that the system was ‘future-proof’ with Jaama investing more than £2 million a year on new modules and enhancements…”

And Skanska revealed “we wanted a system to not only manage our vehicle and equipment assets and hold all information in a single location, but also to interface with our HR system, feed data back to our finance department and link with our workshops and stores…”

Contact us today on 0844 8484 333 or email enquiries@jaama.co.uk and see how we can help.




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