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Mul-T-Lock hits the brakes on the rise of vehicle thefts

Last year saw vehicle thefts rise by a staggering 50% in the UK, and again by a further 20% so far this year – the highest level in four years. With cases worsening during lockdown, motorists are now being warned that they face a greater risk of vehicle theft now that the nation is making fewer trips in their vehicles and spending more time at home.

The cost of a lost or damaged vehicle can quickly mount up for any business owner, not only due to the replacement of the vehicle, but also the effect of doing business with a reduced fleet. With thefts on the rise, business owners are quickly realising that securing their fleet and its contents can be imperative to the operational stability of their businesses.

Yet the RAC reported that only 42% of new vans are produced with an alarm fitted as standard, with 5.5% not even having the capability to have one fitted.

Automotive locksmiths are specialists in their field, possessing the knowledge on how to utilise, adapt and develop the right products on the market to maximise security for both commercial and private vehicles. From on-board diagnostic (OBD) port protectors to anti-scan wallets – there are a number of solutions available.

In support of this, Mul-T-Lock offers an extensive range of advanced products that provide protection to commercial and private vehicles of all varieties. These include lock cases, Thatcham accredited slam locks, deadlocks, euro cylinders, camlocks, and padlocks. 

Vehicle Security Van Lock
Mul-T-Lock ArmaDLock fitted to van doors

Mul-T-Lock’s solutions for commercial applications have been specifically designed for durability, robustness and ease-of-use – allowing motorists to access their equipment and goods without hassle.

 Quality is also of paramount importance when it comes to automotive security protection. Many factors such as wet weather and road gritting during the icy months can get into vehicle locking mechanisms causing rusting, damage and failure, but Mul-T-Lock products are developed to withstand these conditions.

Designed and manufactured to the highest specification and quality, each product is typically adapted to suit the market’s needs – having evolved into heavy-duty commercial offerings, Mul-T-Lock’s product range allows users to ‘fit and forget’, allowing them to focus on the job at hand.

Mul-T-Lock’s ArmaDLock was designed to fortify the security of commercial vehicles, in particular, those carrying goods and equipment. Simple to use and install, ArmaDLock fits almost any type of vehicle door, both rear and sliding.


Watch the video below to find out more about how the Mul-T-Lock ArmaDLock can improve your vehicle security.

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