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New ABAX geofence monitors all types of assets to protect and improve operations

Unlike traditional geofences, ABAX makes it easy to monitor all assets from any brand, like handheld tools, vehicles, equipment, and heavy machinery, in one shared versatile geofence feature.

The complete solutions for any asset

Combining all types of assets, regardless of the brand, in the ABAX platform makes asset management much easier for fleet managers. ABAX uses one common data source, helping the manager to get a quick overview of all connected assets: tools, machinery, and vehicles in one, live map.

The new ABAX Geofence builds on what ABAX already delivers and will help any business to increase their control, reduce risk and increase efficiency by having one solution that covers all the assets in the company, – Stig Fossum, Product Owner, ABAX.

Stig Fossum, Product Owner, ABAX

To make the day workload easier for a manager, all changes and creation of Geofences are done at the same place. The new ABAX Geofence gives a good helpful overview of the details, like when and who created the geofence and which assets are affected.

With ABAX Geofence, businesses can monitor the inventory status of tools, equipment, and machinery in real-time, which will help improve logistics, response time, reduce fuel costs, and increase the recovery of assets in the event of theft with immediate notifications and real-time location tracking.

An automatic purpose triggered for an area

One of many events that can be triggered automatically upon arrival or departure within a Geofence is the automated purpose. This feature significantly eases the process of documenting business travels and automating mileage claims reporting timesheets, or delivery notifications.

Securing safe returns of employees working in higher risk areas

With help of the new ABAX Geofence, employers can ensure their safety and security responsibilities towards workers are fulfilled by setting up a “Lone worker” notification. This will give the manager a reassuring SMS when a worker has completed the task and is headed for home or office. This typically applies to high-risk occupations like logging workers, security guards, land managers, miners, surveyors, delivery drivers.

Actual hours spent at a location will improve invoicing

The new ABAX Geofence will help improve customers’ invoices. By setting up a Geofence around the most visited work sites, customers, or places of interest, the ABAX powerful reporting engine will give exact documentation on time spent at a location for vehicles or hired assets, or mileage traveled between sites for logistics and recovery companies.

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