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New environmentally friendly recycling trucks hit the road

A new fleet of multi-coloured trucks have been hitting the streets of Mid Devon this July to help improve the efficiency of the council’s recycling operation and reduce its impact on the environment.

Mid Devon District Council’s fleet of recycling vehicles, which were scheduled to be replaced in 2020, have started to be delivered from the manufacturers. The new vehicles have been designed to accommodate a greater range and weight in the materials put out by residents.

Since the previous fleet was renewed in 2013, Mid Devon residents are recycling more than ever. Although the collection of paper has reduced, the amount of cardboard and plastic has increased, pushing recycling rates up to around 55 per cent.

The new vehicles boast a powerful hoist and compactor system, allowing for greater weights of cardboard and plastic to be collected than ever before and over longer distances, reducing the need for return trips to the depot to unload. The new vehicles also have a unique design that reduces the noise level when loading glass.

The Council’s Lead Member for the Environment, Councillor Luke Taylor, said: “Not only will the new vehicles collect tonnes of extra recycling covering thousands of miles each year, they’ll also have the potential to reduce our operations impact on the environment, all the while increasing our recycling rates.”

Residents will see the new lorries over the coming weeks.

The vehicles have been delivered via the Council’s vehicle supply and maintenance contract with SFS that started in 2019. The new RomaQuip lorries will reduce maintenance costs, break downs and increase fuel efficiency with the new Euro 6 engines that meet the latest Euro Emission Standards






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