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P.N. Daly expands fleet telematics solution with AI Dashcams to prevent collisions and improve road safety

P.N. Daly Ltd, the leakage detection, water efficiency and new utilities network specialist, has enhanced its fleet telematics solution from Inseego, with the adoption of an advanced AI dashcam. The company will roll-out the forward-and driver-facing device across 250 vans to support its road safety and risk reduction strategy.

“We are evolving our existing fleet tracking and driver engagement solution to keep us at the forefront of road safety and target continuous improvement in our fleet and driver performance,” explains Nik Darby, Contract Manager at P.N.Daly Ltd. “We selected the AI dashcams to help prevent collisions by alerting the driver in real-time to high-risk or dangerous driving. When an incident does occur, we will still be able to use video to identify the root cause and gain added context, but our primary aim is to stop them happening in the first place.”

The AI dashcams use machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV and AI) to detect and help drivers self-correct dangerous or distracted behaviour. The forward-facing camera captures high quality footage of the road ahead, while the driver-facing lens provides a greater understanding of risk and distraction within the vehicle such as using a mobile device, eating and drinking, and eyes off the road. 

P.N. Daly’s drivers will be alerted to any high-risk actions when behind the wheel, while head office and local managers will have access to footage and data of collisions, near misses and other driving events. As a result, the AI dashcams will work alongside the company’s fleet telematics solution to support multiple road safety initiatives including third-party driver training, internal health and safety coaching, and regular driver debriefs.

“The AI dashcams will have a big role to play in encouraging responsible driving, addressing recurring issues, and enabling effective incident investigation. There was some initial scepticism amongst our drivers, but the feedback since then has been positive and there is now a general understanding that the cameras will help protect them, other road users and ultimately reduce the risk of collisions,” adds Darby.

Steve Thomas, Managing Director of Inseego UK Ltd commented: “Our AI dashcams help prevent collisions before they occur, so we are seeing strong demand from companies already using our fleet telematics. The two technologies are hugely complementary and provide an effective way of achieving road safety, duty of care, brand protection and insurance cost improvements.”




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