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Streamlining the exchange of vehicle maintenance information

Jaama, the UK’s leading fleet and asset management software provider, is gathering “huge interest” in its revolutionary Maintenance Exchange platform from both maintenance providers and commercial vehicle operators.

The forthcoming maintenance and compliance platform will revolutionise the way information is exchanged in real-time between:
Fleet management companies – businesses managing service, maintenance and repair (SMR) on an outsourced basis on behalf of end-user fleets.
Maintenance providers – franchise dealer networks and independent garages undertaking SMR work.
End-user fleets that outsourced maintenance management but required visibility of SMR work undertaken on vehicles and resulting compliance documentation.
Maintenance Exchange, which is officially being launched during Q4 of 2019, significantly reduces the administrative burden of manual processes and is yet another step from Jaama towards its ultimate goal of paperless asset management.

The platform is an ‘end to end’ solution allowing seamless booking, authorisation, invoicing and auditing of vehicle maintenance work. The innovative new product connects with Key2 – Jaama’s award-winning fleet, asset and driver management solution – or alternatively it can interface with other third party FMS systems.

Maintenance Exchange streamlines the exchange of vehicle maintenance information along with related compliance documentation – typically MoT certifications, commercial vehicle inspection sheets, servicing and routine maintenance documents – between maintenance suppliers and fleet management companies/end-user fleets.

Vehicle maintenance work can also be authorised through the platform and built-in rule sets mean that invoices for jobs carried out can be paid within agreed payment terms once all required documentation is received from the maintenance supplier.

As a result, Maintenance Exchange provides transport and fleet operators with a complete and centralised audit trail of all SMR work undertaken on commercial vehicles which is great from a compliance perspective.

Jaama, an Associate member of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) and a partner to the Freight Transport Association’s Van Excellence scheme, is firmly focused on helping commercial vehicle fleets deliver operating best practice and legislative compliance through Key2 implementation.

Consequently, and critically for commercial vehicle end-user fleets, Maintenance Exchange also enables them to robustly collect information which is critical for the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency’s (DVSA) Earned Recognition Scheme that monitors fleet compliance data. The incentive for fleets to use the scheme is to reduce the number of vehicle roadside stops and checks by enforcement officers.

Jaama is recognised by the DVSA as a ‘validated IT supplier’ for its Key2 web-based technology. Commercial end-user fleets that use Key2 are able to send defined Earned Recognition Scheme key performance indicator information to the DVSA every four-weeks, including data captured from driver defect checks, servicing and MoTs.

Martin Evans, managing director of Jaama, said: “Development of Maintenance Exchange, which can be used to manage vans as well as vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, enables fleet and transport managers to centralise their view of all compliance data and documentation, which is exactly what they want and need.

“Maintenance Exchange also enables fleets to implement service level agreements with their vehicle maintenance suppliers and to tighten up on document delivery without manual intervention.

“Businesses are recognising the benefits of digitalising documentation. As a consequence, Maintenance Exchange further enables commercial vehicle fleets to embrace technology to drive administration and operational efficiencies as we move ever-closer to a paperless business environment.”

He continued: “Jaama continues to work with commercial vehicle fleet operators that are already using Key2 to further enhance Maintenance Exchange and feedback has proved invaluable as our in-house developers continue to enhance the system in readiness for launch.”

How Maintenance Exchange works in practice in conjunction with Key2

Jaama’s Key2 fleet and asset management system controls compliance/maintenance events due against individual vehicles
  • The Compliance Manager module controls the scheduling/grouping of due events to ensure that vehicle downtime is minimised and sends SMR booking requests to a chosen supplier.
  • The supplier is able to view the new booking request on Maintenance Exchange and check requested work details and view a summary of all their activity on the platform. If required a repairer can suggest new dates/times for a job in line with compliance requirements, or choose to accept the booking as requested
  • Booking confirmation is sent to the customer (fleet management company/end-user fleet), who then confirms their own acceptance through the e-mail/portal workflow​

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