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Successful Data-Led Insurance is expanding into new markets

The collaboration between Zego and ABAX started in the UK in 2020, and now this successful data-led insurance model is expanding into Europe – most recently launching in the Netherlands and expanding its presence in France.

Entering the Netherlands
Zego and ABAX can now announce their launch in the Netherlands, and at the same time, a ramp-up of operations in France. Through its innovative use of data, Zego can price policies far more accurately, meaning fleet businesses can save both time and money.

“Our extended partnership with ABAX means we can continue our growth into Europe, whilst providing flexible and affordable insurance to thousands of fleet businesses – helping them save time and money,” says Sten Saar, CEO and Co-Founder of Zego

More control over the business’s fleets

ABAX’s world-class telematics solution helps Zego give fleet businesses more control over how their assets are managed, allowing thousands of fleet managers across Europe to increase business efficiency, reduce risks and save money on insurance premiums.

Once a small ABAX telematics device is installed on the company car or van, both Zego and the customer can see how the vehicles’ drivers are behaving on the road. Zego then uses this information to share insights with drivers to improve their driving, and ultimately to calculate their premium prices at renewal.

One of Zego’s fleet solutions is a usage-based option that helps to ensure that premiums will always reflect positive or negative seasonal changes in the customers’ businesses. For example, when some of Zego’s customer’s fleet operations were cut back due to the lockdown restrictions, they saw their monthly insurance cost reduced by an average of 64%.

Another option, opened up through the partnership between Zego and ABAX, is a flat-rate policy. Unlike the usage-base option, flat-rate insurance is a more cost-effective option for fleet companies with consistently high mileage and demands.

“The ABAX solution – which includes a simple-to-install device – will also let fleet managers track their vehicles and monitor driver behavior, giving them valuable insight into the performance of the entire fleet and potential additional savings of fuel and emissions. It will also help them to keep fully compliant tax records that prove that vehicles have only been used for business purposes, eliminating the threat of extra tax charges,” says Craig Allan, Director Global Partnerships.

ABAX is the second-fastest-growing telematics company in Europe with high-quality software and hardware developed in-house. Our services help customers stay up to date, become more efficient and save money through world-class SaaS (Software as a service).
Zego was founded in 2016 and currently insures a large portion of the UK’s delivery and ride-hailing workforce, partnering with companies including Uber and Deliveroo. The company also provides flexible insurance to fleets, and new mobility services such as car sharing, car leasing and scooter companies. In November 2019, Zego became the first UK insurance to develop its own insurance model, enabling it to build and sell its own policies.

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