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The importance of a smart back-office management system when making the switch to electric

With the UK government urging fleets to decarbonise their fleets to support the nation’s net zero plans, businesses of all shapes and sizes are quickly beginning to make the all-important switch. Whether businesses are operating a fleet of five vehicles or 500, electrification continues to be at the centre of transport decisions when it comes to renewing fleet vehicles. But, before this, there comes the consideration for electric vehicle charging infrastructure; one of the first elements businesses ponder when contemplating the transition.

Firstly, an easy charging experience for the EV driver is crucial, because without a simple, straightforward and seamless system in place, making the switch could prove to be challenging for employees. VendElectric allows drivers to activate charging sessions either by using their assigned RFID card/fob or the mobile phone app. Many businesses opt for RFID cards/fobs as this offers a streamlined solution for fleet drivers, leaving public users to either simply scan their QR code, or again use the mobile phone to activate charging sessions.

For fleet operators, transparency of vehicle behaviour is key; the same applies to chargepoint behaviour too. With VendElectric, fleet operators are provided with complete visibility of their chargepoint network, allowing them to understand charging activity between the vehicle and the chargepoint. As businesses seek to understand their carbon footprint, alongside cost savings, VendElectric also enables fleet managers and operators to analyse the true effects of their business’ charging infrastructure. What’s more, fleet operators benefit from completely controlling their chargepoint network, whether that be a singular site or multiple across the UK and/or worldwide.

As the needs of businesses alter and evolve, flexibility for fleet operators is paramount. VendElectric’s capability of allowing a mixture of user groups to recharge their vehicles, including fleet drivers, general employees, visitors and the public, ensures that businesses can make the most out of their charging infrastructure. With this, fleet operators can benefit from setting their own chargepoint tariffs per user group, allowing the business to generate revenue as and when demand for charging increases.

A common concern for businesses is whether their location has the sufficient electrical supply to power their electric fleet. VendElectric’s intelligent load manager provides locations with a solution which automatically optimises distribution of the available electricity feed(s) across the location’s chargepoint network. This feature is specifically designed for installations where the electricity feed capacity is insufficient to fully power all charge points at once, intelligently allocating the available power across a location’s chargepoint network to best satisfy real-time demand.

For businesses seeking to electrify their fleet, it goes without saying that an integrated smart back-office management system plays an important role in controlling a location’s charging infrastructure. With VendElectric, the opportunities are endless for businesses; providing a combination of transparency, flexibility and optimal functionality to meet individua business requirements.

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