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Tipping your weigh to the future of weighing– the benefits of a wireless fleet

Our daily lives are ever evolving, constantly adapting to new, technological ways of life, and as a result, so is the vehicle weighing industry.

In a bid to simplify operational processes, yet strengthen business performance and maximise profits, companies are always on the lookout for the latest innovation that will guarantee those needs. Specifically for the tipper industry, the future of weighing is finally here, providing businesses with exactly what they need to succeed, in the form of a wireless fleet.

Wireless weighing is the way forward. It is the future for all successful tipper-based businesses.

But how can a wireless weighing system further strengthen a fleet of vehicles in comparison to what a traditional on-board weighing system provides?

Optimum Yield Transactions
Whilst running an overloaded vehicle is a criminal offence (often resulting in fixed penalties and posing damage to a business’s reputation), running an underloaded vehicle can be extremely uneconomical. By not fully utilising the entire carrying capacity of a vehicle, fleet managers run the risk of operating an unprofitable round. Running at optimum yield means that the load weight is higher than the minimum target weight, but in order to prevent overloading, it is not greater than the gross vehicle weight, allowing for a fully maximised load that increases both productivity and revenue. Never run an overloaded or underloaded tipper again!

Real-Time Transactions
Discover operational features like never before with a wireless weighing system. Gone are the days of having a reduced visibility of weight data and vehicle whereabouts. Wi-Fi weighing provides real-time operational loading and unloading activity, simultaneously providing both operators and drivers with weight data to any chosen location, whilst also displaying vehicle movements that highlight real-time activity. Integration with a back-office system provides for a totally joined up solution, increasing overall efficiency.

App-Based Solution
No more being restricted to viewing weight data only inside a vehicle cab. Instead, welcome a streamlined and time saving solution to your tipper fleet that allows any personnel the ability to access weight data via either a mobile phone or tablet. No more printing tickets. Physical tickets are replaced with a new, digitalised system where the driver, at the click of a button, can virtually send a PDF receipt to the required customer complete with weight data. Another benefit of an app-based system is that there is no in-cab display to fit, simplifying and speeding up the installation process.

As the weighing industry continually advances, don’t find your business and fleet operations being left behind. Embrace the future of weighing today and enable wireless connectivity throughout your tipper fleet.

Vehicle Weighing Solutions, an industry leader in designing, manufacturing and installing on-board weighing systems has recently launched their own Wi-Fi Weighing product, providing a Wi-Fi enabled version of their LOADWEIGH For Tippers weighing system. VWS are working towards enabling wireless connectivity across their complete product range.

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