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TRAKM8’S transformative partnerships shortlisted for industry awards

Trakm8, the UK’s leading fleet management solutions provider, has been shortlisted for three industry awards, highlighting its transformative partnerships with fleet providers.
Its partnerships helped fleets improve their safety and productivity, for which Trakm8 has been shortlisted for the Fleet Safety Partnership and Fleet Safety Product categories at the UK Fleet Champions Awards.  Additionally, Trakm8 has been recognised in the Logistics Partnership category at the Logistics UK’s Logistics Awards.
For the UK Fleet Champion Awards’ Fleet Safety Partnership category, Trakm8 was shortlisted for the dramatic safety improvements its technology provided to Altrad Services UK. Trakm8’s telematics solution highlighted data that allowed Altrad to bring in a comprehensive company-wide program to eliminate common driving errors and decrease the incidence of accidents.  In partnership with Trakm8, Altrad reduced their spending on fines and repairs by 40% and reduced incident numbers from an annualised rate of 32% to 12.5%. Using Trakm8’s 0-100% traffic light system, driver behaviour improved from 62% to 93%.
In the Fleet Safety Product category, Trakm8 was shortlisted for the telematics products that made the incredible improvements Altrad witnessed possible. Trakm8’s RH600 Integrated Telematics Camera, for example, offers driver scoring that can help identify high-risk drivers, while 4G connectivity and a G-Force sensor allows fleet managers to respond immediately to ensure safety in the event of an accident.
For Logistics UK’s Logistics Partnership category, Trakm8’s partnership with Truline, which streamlined their business and overcame persistent challenges, is in the running. Truline in its current status was formed as the result of a merger between two separate transport divisions within the EVO group. Their legacy systems couldn’t be reconciled, and for three years the newly formed Truline suffered from a number of operational problems.
Trakm8 evaluated Truline’s systems and replaced them with a bespoke version of its Trakm8 Optimisation offering, which radically improved driver efficiency, allowing Truline to increase capacity while decreasing cost per parcel.
Peter Mansfield, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Trakm8, said: “The incredible benefits that telematics can bring to fleets are rightly being highlighted at these two events and we’re delighted to be part of them and honoured to have been shortlisted. For customers, this is a real show of confidence in the industry-leading status of our offerings such as Trakm8 Optimisation and Connectedcare.
“While we would have loved to take part in person, it will be great to get together as an industry to celebrate recent achievements in these sectors, sectors that are pushing the boundaries with the latest technology on offer. In recent months we’ve seen just how important it is to keep things moving, and the fleet and logistics sectors have done so by relentlessly pursuing safety and efficiency improvements.”
The UK Fleet Champions Awards will take place at a virtual ceremony on Thursday 19 November 2020. Logistics UK’s Logistics Awards take place as part of the virtual Future Logistics Conference and Expo, on Friday 13 November.
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