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Mitie launches Plan Zero Fleet Transition Service to support businesses looking to make the switch to electric vehicles

As businesses across the country seek to set new ways of working, many are re-focusing on their net zero targets and supporting the nation’s green recovery. With transport generating the largest volume of CO2 in the UK, at 34% of the UK’s CO2 emissions*, transitioning to a zero-emission fleet is the obvious place to start. 

To support Britain in getting back to business in the most sustainable way, Mitie has launched a new Plan Zero Fleet Transition Service to help those wanting to switch their fleets to electric. The service will use Mitie’s significant experience in managing its own electric vehicle (EV) rollout and charge point installation programme to support others in their EV journey, helping businesses to achieve net zero goals. 

The end-to-end solution will encompass all stages of EV transition, from vehicle choice to charging infrastructure, through to travel policies and maintenance. The Transition Service will follow a roadmap with five key stages: 

  1. Developing fleet transformation model: Mitie will review the business’ transport, fleet and carbon emission profile to develop a bespoke and comprehensive fleet strategy 
  2. Installing charge point networkMitie will install charge points at workplaces and employee homes, working with its in-house team of energy experts to ensure the appropriate power infrastructure is in place 
  3. Transitioning existing fleetAs vehicles reach their end of life, Mitie will support their phased replacement with an EV alternative, as well as supporting the business’ wider transition – such as introducing employee travel policies and training 
  4. Connect, maintain & operateAfter installation, charge points can be connected to Mitie’s Service Operations Centre for remote maintenance, usage and performance checks. This provides real-time data on how often charge points are used and prevents unexpected downtime 
  5. Generate income: Mitie can help increase the financial savings of an EV rollout by generating income, for example through public charging initiatives  

By taking a whole life cost approach and being independent of all suppliers, the Plan Zero Fleet Transition Service can deliver a zero emissions fleet for zero additional cost. In some cases, depending on fleet composition, the switch to EV can come with cost savings to the business. 

The successful transition to an electric fleet requires a shift in mindset, moving from considering the fleet as a collection of vehicles to instead creating an integrated energy system, with cars and vans connected. With expertise in installing and maintaining infrastructure, coupled with its experience in energy management and renewable electricity procurement, as well as managing its own large-scale EV rollout, Mitie is uniquely placed to support other businesses with this change in approach. 

Mitie has one of the UK’s most ambitious EV rollouts, with more than 500 EVs joining the fleet and 600 charge points installed in less than a year. In the 12 months to 31 March 2020 Mitie saved 1,351 tonnes of carbon as a result of switching these vehicles to electric models. Mitie is also working with its in-house Energy Team to oversee the installation of hundreds of charge points at its offices, employee homes and customer sites, powered by renewable energy sources wherever possible. 

Mitie has committed to switching 20% of its car and small van fleet, around 700 vehicles, to electric by the end of 2020, adding an average of 75 new EVs to its fleet every month. With 600 additional EVs on order to join the fleet, Mitie is ahead of this target. It has also pledged to convert its entire fleet of around 5,000 vehicles to EV by 2025. 

Pradyumna PanditManaging Director of Sustainability and Energy Services, Mitie, said: 

“While the environmental and financial case for electric vehicles is clear, for businesses just beginning their EV journey, making the switch can seem a daunting task. With one of the UK’s most ambitious electric fleet strategies, Mitie has learnt first-hand how to tackle the challenges and capitalise on the opportunities that come with an EV rollout. I am proud to be sharing our knowledge so we can support more British businesses in transitioning their own fleets to electric.” 

The new service is part of Plan Zero, Mitie’s commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2025 – 25 years ahead of government’s own target. It will achieve this by targeting three key pillars:  

  • Eliminating carbon emissions from power and transport 
  • Eradicating non-sustainable waste 
  • Enhancing inefficient buildings to meet the highest environmental standards 

As part of Plan Zero, Mitie will also share its expertise and learnings to support its customers in achieving their own sustainability goals. 




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