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SP Energy Networks Launches EV Connection Cost Estimator Tool

Innovative online tool will help stakeholders lead the Charge in developing new EV chargepoints

SP Energy Networks has launched the EV Connection Cost Estimator – another key element of the Charge Project’s innovative, free-to-use ConnectMore online solution. 

The Charge Project is an initiative from SP Energy Networks and its partners EA Technology, PTV Group and Smarter Grid Solutions to accelerate the roll-out of public EV charging infrastructure across SP Energy Networks’ Manweb region: Cheshire, Merseyside, North Shropshire, and North and Mid-Wales. The Charge Project is vital to SP Energy Networks’ commitment to help the UK become carbon Net Zero by 2050.

Developed by EA Technology, the launch of the ConnectMore Cost Estimator means that stakeholders – such as local authorities, site owners, property developers, chargepoint operators – can now use ConnectMore to both identify the optimal location for chargepoints and get an instant quote for how much it will cost to connect them to the electricity network. 

The Cost Estimator works together with the ConnectMore Interactive Map, which combines current and future transport patterns with existing network capacity in the region to enable stakeholders to identify optimal chargepoint locations.

John Orr, Design Engineer, SP Energy Networks, and Charge Project Lead, comments: “The ConnectMore Cost Estimator is another significant step forward in fulfilling our mission of accelerating EV chargepoint roll-out. ConnectMore is designed to make this process as quick and easy as possible, from beginning to end. Now, users can go from identifying the best chargepoint locations to getting a connection quote in a matter of minutes. Having budgetary information like this at your fingertips is a major boon when progressing EV charging projects that will help make the transition to an electric vehicle a much more viable option for people .”

The Cost Estimator provides up-to-date estimations of the cost to connect chargepoints to a specific point on the electricity network. By trying out different options regarding the location, ground type, distance, existing demand constraints, potential network reinforcement work, and size of the connection, the tool can be used to identify the most cost-effective chargepoint connection.

Stephen McNulty, Trade Services Business Manager at Warrington Borough Council, comments: “The ConnectMore Cost Estimator made it very quick and easy to get an estimate. It will be really useful, especially when looking for areas within the town that will support EV chargepoints.”

Timothy Butler, Manager for the Charge Project at EA Technology, comments: “The Cost Estimator will allow connection decisions to be better informed and made more quickly, speeding up the deployment of EV chargepoints and allowing more efficient use of existing electricity network assets. This free web-based solution has turned complex network data into an easy-to-use tool and will play an important part in helping us all enjoy a cleaner energy future.”




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